Importance of Cleaning Ducts

The How and Why of Ductwork Cleaning for Your Cheverly, MD, Home

Having your ductwork cleaned can serve a number of purposes. It adds to the energy efficiency of your home and offers a better quality of air for your loved ones. This article looks at why and how you should clean the ductwork in your Cheverly, MD, home.


Cleaning your ducts is part of the first line of defense against allergy and asthma attacks in your home. Dust buildup in your ducts will happen, no matter how spotless your house may be. And it takes a professional to do what’s necessary to clean them out. Once dust and allergens are out of your ducts, you will appreciate better air quality in your home.

You’ve heard of dust mites in your pillows, but maybe you haven’t heard of them in your duct system. They are there nonetheless whether you know it or not, and they can wreak havoc on allergies just like pollen and pet dander. Having your ducts cleaned on average every two to four years or so will help you to keep the allergens down in your home.

You might not notice the way your house smells, but the food your family cooks and the pets you have contribute to your home having a particular smell. When you have your ducts professionally cleaned, gone will be the built-up odors in your ducts that you took for granted as part of your home.


If you live in an older home, you might be hosting a family of rodents in your ductwork. Having your ductwork cleaned out professionally will do away with any rodent nests and feces that can be spread and cause disease. If you hear little racing footsteps coming from your vents at night, rodents could be taking up residence in your home.


Clean air ducts make it possible for your air conditioner to run more efficiently, allowing the cool air to flow smoothly through the ducts. When dust, spores, pet dander and other dirt collect in your ductwork, the air flow is impeded, which takes more energy to push it through to the areas of your home you are trying to cool.

When energy is used more efficiently, it usually means less money is needed to pay for it. When your AC is operating optimally with all maintenance performed with updated cleanings and adjustments, less energy is used to make your living space comfortable. This can lead to lower utility bills over the course of time in your home.


If you are selling your home or if you have recently moved into a new home, this would be a good time to have the ducts professionally cleaned. From a seller’s point of view, you want your home to smell clean and fresh for potential buyers. From a buyer’s point of view, you want a clean slate without any of the old residents’ pet dander or skin cells blowing into your new home.


The whole job from start to finish will vary depending on the size of your home. The process of cleaning ductwork is basically the same for all homes.

Tools needed may vary depending on the complexity of your ducts, but the technician will be prepared for all circumstances. The job can usually be finished in less than five hours.

Hiring a professional HVAC technician with specified training in cleaning ductwork will ensure that the job is done quickly and thoroughly as well as give you peace of mind that the job is done correctly. The exact method depends on how your ducts are located in your home and whether they can be taken out to be cleaned or if they are immobile. A Professional HVAC Technician has the know-how and the appropriate tools regardless of the ductwork placement.

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